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  1. Joy Behion 11 Jun 2007 at 05:43

    Great Going!

    I’m not a blogger as yet, only visited Barney’s and yours.
    Yours looks most interesting and I hope to join it on a regular basis.
    Love the topic, travel.

    Lots of love and all the best on your virtual journeys, from another world hopper,

    Joy in Poland

  2. Jack McLeanon 11 Jun 2007 at 13:37

    Dear Wendi,

    I liked your blog. (Don’t want to be too gushy and say I LOVED your blog). Today was the first time I checked in. One of my pet peeves is people who phone into open-line radio shows and say–here it comes again–“love your show!” So….liked your blog. Also read something of Barnabus Commentarius’s website. Interesting too. You have almost inspired me to start blogging on many things. But I don’t dare. I would disappear into the world of blogging and wouldn’t have a minute for writing. Blogging can become a never-ending conversation with souls like me. (Talk to the point of exhaustion). I particularly liked your closing two paragraphs about the odyssey of the soul’s journey. And the quote from ‘Abdu’l-Baha about travelling through the realms of God and learning many things and solving many mysteries was wonderful! Jack McLean (Ottawa)

  3. Heather Cardinon 11 Jun 2007 at 15:01

    Dear Wendi,

    A great start-up! I am particularly impressed with the list of links, set up so clearly. I shall check in regularly.



  4. Garyon 11 Jun 2007 at 17:31

    Hi Wendi,

    I’ve always wanted to try something like this. I think it’s great! Love, Gary

  5. Shohreh Azarkadehon 12 Jun 2007 at 12:02

    I like your blog and it has inspired me to (one day!) start my own. But I also liked it because I love travelling and travel teaching and it is kind of a “rest” for me. Long time ago when I was young and was looking into anything to get answers, I went to a clairvoyant who told me that I came from a line of travellers and have gypsy blood in me. I always carry a backpack and although have refined the art of carrying ‘as little as possible’ through sore shoulders, always end up carrying more than I need. I guess it is a metaphor of how much extra we carry.
    Love, Shohreh

  6. Paulineon 12 Jun 2007 at 17:18

    I look forward to reading your developing blog.

    I know it is off the subject but thank you for writing such a good book on meditation. I purchased it a couple of years ago and it was really helpful as I had read so much about different approaches on line and I needed an overview.


  7. child_of_africaon 14 Jun 2007 at 03:20

    this looks like a blog that I am going to love! I do hope you will post regularly. some of my favorite blogs have been rather slow recently and I am in need of a new and enriching blog to add to my reading list.

  8. Margoon 14 Jun 2007 at 17:31

    Dear Wendy, I remember you from the winterschool in Sweden. I was the only one who had NOT begun a Ruhi course. I like your blog and practical travelling tips are always welcome. I’ll keep in contact with blog!

  9. William Jon 15 Jun 2007 at 13:07

    Is Your Journey Really Necessary???

    One of The First Evidence`s I had:
    that You cannot avoid The Path Chosen was when I was back home living in Easterhouse after Declaring, During Investigation I had become friendly with The Bahai`s living in the “Bahai Flat in Hamilton who were a Rare Friendly Bunch so I got up out My Bed and decided Today I visit My Bahai Friends in Hamilton so off I went The Bus was as slow as it was Driving through Treacle it seemed to stop at every
    traffic light on the way into Glasgow`s Buchanan St Bus Station. I
    managed to catch The Hamilton Bus with the “skin o` my teeth” Same again all The Glasgow Roads seemed to be coated in Treacle That Saturday Morning then The Bus broke Down after another bus Arrived were taken onboard and finally I arrived in Hamilton. Quickly I rushed up to the Flat only to be told by someone working in The Local Newspaper Office The Bahai`s Neighbours told… they had all went off in a car. Well totally despondent feeling almost rejected I climbed onto The Glasgow bound Bus which seemed fly back to Glesga Toon IThere was My Easterhouse bus, as if sitting waiting, just for me. I was thinking I had a great story for the next Nineteen Day… anyway I arrived home at DalileaDr and was just sitting down with a cup of coffee when there was a rattle on the letterbox. I opened the door and there was My Bahai Mother Carrie MacDonald now Varjavandi standing there with My Hamilton Buddies. Yes it had been decided I would be with my Hamilton Bahai Buddies, but I had misinterpreted The message and even though obstacles had been continually placed in way:
    I had ploughed on, in my mistaken furrow, that I was doing the right thing. Whereas I should `ve sat and waited for the future to to manifest itself, rather than tried to make happen, what was already going to happen.
    Echoes of The Saying They also Serve who Stand to Wait

  10. Sedona Callahanon 21 Jun 2007 at 19:22

    What a great packing list! And I have only one suggestion. I have purchased a personal-care sectioned bag that fits inside my suitcase. This bag is permanently packed with items such as shampoo, extra contact lenses, hairbrush, nail care, first aid and many other items on your list. At the end of a trip I check the supply levels and refill bottles and put the bag away until next trip. At that time I have to pack only the one item, the bag itself, already packed with everything I need. It took me a while before convincing myself it was okay to have two of everything – one for home and one for the bag. This is one of my better decisions. Not only do I not have to pack, unpack and repack, I don’t have to worry that I’ve left something out. As I am a photographer, I do the same with my photo gear and laptop and gear. The gear is all packed with extra batteries, connecting cords, etc. I just have to slip the laptop [or camera] into the backpack when I leave.

  11. Sheila Bananion 15 Jul 2007 at 15:37

    Dearest Wendi –

    You’re sharing a lot of wisdom, dear one! Over the years of my travelling I’ve learned how easy (and freeing) it is to “travel light” – how little of this world’s “trappings” we need on our journeys. I look forward to hearing more from you.

  12. SAMon 28 Nov 2007 at 20:54

    Dear Mr.s Momen, as a reader of Professor Bijan, it was with happiness that I found your blog and started to read it.

    This is why I am writing you to tell you, I’ve just linked this blog in my own portuguese-language blog.

    Thank you!

  13. William Jon 17 May 2008 at 15:55

    I was surprised at Barney`s reaction to Your Latest Blog Earth, Wind and Fire: The Road to Hell. I liked it for the very reason he critiques
    it. In that unlike others, You look at the Arrests in context with the world reality. Too often I think Bahai`s look at the Faith in Isolation whereas it is not only part of the Holistic Reality, but is in actuallity
    The Essential Quintessence which will Fufill the Alchemical Dream
    of The Ages. Heaven on Earth… A World Made Anew.
    This Planet has never Seen that which is Transpiring.We stand bewildered by what seems like Society and The Planet is tearing it`s self apart Yet this Article Emphasises That even in These Arrests whilst part of what has been since 1844 an Ongoing process You see this event as as Portent….
    But there are disasters most of us never hear about. Such a one is beginning in Iran – again.

    Yesterday, in Iran, six Baha’is in leadership roles were arrested in dawn raids. A seventh has been detained since March. Their crime? Being Baha’is. Compared to the massive loss of life in Burma and China, compared to the collapse of an entire economy in Zimbabwe, the arrest of a few Bahá’ís in Iran seems unremarkable, certainly not newsworthy.

    But consider. An indicator that a famine is approaching is when settled agrarian people become nomadic. At that point there is no famine, nothing to see. Yet the famine is coming. If action is not taken, it will be devastating. An indicator that the persecution of the Bahá’ís is escalating towards devastation is when children are denied education, when senior Baha’is are detained. There may not be much to remark upon now but there will be – and soon – unless such persecution is stopped.

    But do we have the will to stop it? One of the worst features of the disasters that have encompassed our world is that they have been compounded by our collective inability to act collectively. We are still divided by country, race, religion, skin colour, class and gender. We fail to deal with each other with justice and humanity. People die in hurricanes but many more die because leaders do not trust the aid workers who could assist those injured or lacking food and water. Earthquakes in poor areas kill thousands because badly constructed buildings fall down on top of them. Marginalized people, whether in New Orleans, Burma, China, Manchester or Iran, are permitted to suffer because the rest of us will not get our act together and work in unity to eliminate hatred, ignorance, poverty, petty-mindedness and prejudice. We can conquer racism, empower women to advance, live more gently, enable good governance to thrive, work with each other rather than against each other – but we don’t. We are concerned, we are frustrated, we send money, we pray – but we don’t unite and use our collective power to deal with these issues.

    `All that is necessary’, Edmund Burke said, `for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.’ The nothing that we do best is not working in unity.

    I see this also a Wake Up Call
    One which opens up a Door too Long Closed
    The Entrance to The Debating Hall

    More Power to Your Pen Sweet Wendy

    A Point to Ponder Baha `u`llah said he and Bab suffered themselves to be imprisoned to slow down the process…..
    Does Persecution slow or accelerate The Process.
    Just a thought from Argyll.

  14. Clare Jamal O'Brienon 11 Nov 2008 at 08:02

    what a wonderful blog!! It does seem to me that all the illness we see in the world are but symptoms of the spiritual disease of disunity, which Baha’u’llah gave us the remedy for. Painful times… and yet exciting with the prospect of building a better world!

  15. manuel moranteon 18 Jun 2009 at 06:12

    Dear Wendi …. I was in the service with your dad 24th Div. band. Later i saw him inLA ( I was a bass player).
    Nice to hear he is still with us . I was also in music classes with him and his girl freind Carol Mitchum (your mom?). We had amutual friend ,Art schnieder,who is not with us any more. I gave Art a picture of your dad when he was in the army band. Buddy was amazed ,he said where did you get this picture? So Art told him.

    I was curious about your dad wondering if he was still around . Say Hi! to him for me.

    Manuel “Manny” Morante

  16. wendi momenon 23 Jun 2009 at 22:01

    Thanks Manny – have sent your details onto my sister Gina Airhart so he can contact you directly!

    Yes, my mother is Carol – they divorced in 1961 but are still in touch. Dad lives with his third wife Dottie and their daughter Gina and her family. Dad has 8 children – I am the oldest. Keep in touch.


  17. feri mazloomon 13 Sep 2009 at 09:40

    allahuabaha wendi

    how are you

    thanks for your post

    post a new photo of yourself in your trips

    Allah is brighter

    Fereidoon Mazloom Swizerlaaand

  18. jamieon 25 Aug 2010 at 05:45

    I found your blog via George Dannells of ‘Baha’i Views” and read your heart wrenching story about the Baha’i’s in Iran who were sentenced to 20 years in prison recently. Thank you for taking the time to personalize this recent event with the story of Mahvash Sabet. Stories like this will continue to break down the walls of apathy and ignorance and will provide the fuel for action ….. thanks again, Jamie

  19. Mary Normanon 20 Sep 2011 at 03:44

    Hi, Wendi. I’m delighted to be receiving your blog. I have one disagreement with your letter to an angel. I think your mom fit the description of an angel even before she left the physical plane. Those months when she and Eileen left us still seem surreal to me. Whose son is Cole? Whom did Gavin marry? That is awesome news about Ethan. Love you.

  20. wendion 20 Sep 2011 at 08:06

    Well, of course you are right! Thanks for your comments. Cole is Steve’s grandson – the son of Ellery. Hope all is wel with you. I think of Eileen and pray for her every single day.
    Much love to you both – Wendi

  21. Kamalon 02 Oct 2011 at 03:27

    Beloved Cousin Allah u abha,

    I was reading Moojan’s notes on the symbolism of the story of Joseph and from it found your blog. I think that he and I have never met. I am happy for you.

    The blog and the news it bears about your mother has touched our heart. So many have passed. It was on December 31, 1987 that your great-aunt Gertrude, my grandmother ascended, then mother four months later on the 18th of April, 1998; a few years later father passed as well.

    Over the years I had the bounty and opportunity to visit uncle’s Bob and Jack before their passing and received several visits from Julie, may the Blessings of God be upon her. Tony and Angela too, came to see us; however, we have lost touch with them as with most others. In a brief letter we conversed with Gary, but that was nearly six years ago, or so…

    We pray that all others of the family bode well.

    Our prayers are with you.

    Good-bye and much love,


  22. Wendi Momenon 30 Oct 2011 at 18:45

    Kamal, it is so good to be back in touch with you! If you are on facebook, please can you message me so that we can share information about the family and updates.

    If you are not on facebook or linked in, please let me know and I will give you an email address where you can contact me – love, Wendi

  23. Sueon 16 Aug 2013 at 22:24

    Wendi – I love the tribute you’ve put up about your Mom. I recognized her instantly. Don’t know if you remember me, but I was Bambi’s friend who lived down the street from you on Cherrystone (you were on Clearfield) – this was the early-middle 60s. Your Mom was always so nice to me. Bambi introduced me to coffee ice cream – now my favorite ! I hope she is well too. I didn’t know you were also Baha’i…. I do remember you were saving all your change, etc. to pay for a trip to Europe after high school ! Hope the rest of your family is well. (I see that your Dad died a few years after mine…..sorry.) Sue (Stalling) Dunaway

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