Letter to an Angel

What is an angel?

`. . . angels are blessed beings who have severed all ties with this nether world, have been released from the chains of self and the desires of the flesh, and anchored their hearts to the heavenly realms of the Lord. These are of the Kingdom, heavenly; these are of God, spiritual; these are revealers of God’s abounding grace; these are dawning-points of His spiritual bestowals.’ (Selections from the Writings of Abdu’l-Baha, p. 81)

Dear mom,

It is a year since you became an angel.


Here are some of the things that have happened here in the nether world since you have been there. These are not the big things, like earthquakes or tsunamis or hurricanes, financial crashes or  riots, wars or uprisings, although these things have happened too and have affected many families. These are the happenings that affected our family directly in the midst of all these other events of import. They are not the big things but they are important to us:

I turned 60 and Moojan turned 61! We celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary on 12 June 2011.

Your ninth great grandchild, Cole Worth, was born on 29 January 2011. You would recognise him instantly, as he looks just like your son Steve.


Your oldest and bestest friend Eileen Norman was so anxious to be with you again that she arrived in the Abhá Kingdom shortly after you did, on 24 February 2011.


Dotti Wirtshafter also rushed up after you, arriving on 21 June 2011.


So many other friends have also joined you – Peter Khan, Violette Nakhjavani, Jim Nelson

Your great grandson Dreyfus has learned to play the viola and to dive so that he can touch the bottom of the swimming pool.

Your great granddaugher Aaylieh has graduated from the Monty and gone into K group in the big school and is now very chatty and confident.

Your great grandson Ethan began to walk – he has even become a gardener!

There is another great grandchild on the way – no telling from which family just yet, although you of course already know!

Your grandson Cunningham has graduated from high school and gone to America.

Your grandson Gavin got married and moved to Cairo!

All your other children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are doing really well and are happy, although they all miss you and send you their love.

And all your friends here send love to you too.

Please pray for us, as we pray for you. We love you so much and miss you!!!

Wendi and Moojan

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